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Engineering network maintenance

Maintenance work of the areas that demand special knowledge cover such categories as cleaning gas pipe routes, grass mowing around electric substations and distribution stations, and maintenance of power line routes up to 400 kV.

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Environmental management works

The service covers cleaning of abandoned areas, recultivation of land, removal of bushes and other environmental upkeep work carried out by professionals both manually and by using mechanised tools.

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Utility services

Entrust the environmental upkeep of your land to us. We cut trees, smaller plants and bushes professionally. The plants may be removed by mechanised, manual or chemical methods, depending on the types of plants present in the area.

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Equipment rental

We rent machinery of different types and the tools necessary for environmental upkeep for both business clients and private customers. The machinery may be rented with the service of a trained operator.

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Mowed areas

Sprayed with herbicides

Cut bushes

Thinned-out forest

In total
2346 ha
488.5 ha
593.35 ha
553 ha

About us

Since 2017, we have specialized in environmental management services covering more than ten environmental management-related categories.  A team of more than 20 experienced and qualified professionals, active ISO quality control systems and advanced technology solutions implemented in the company allow us to offer our clients services of the highest quality. In our field, we are appreciated for the reliability of our services, our responsible attitude and the results we produce, even for projects requiring large amounts of work.

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Maintenance of forest plantations

Special measures for the care of plantations in the forest

Reforestation and cultivation

Service for regeneration by reforestation and cultivation in forest areas

Tree nursery care

Developing tree nurseries and care of their environment

Maintenance of territories

Maintenance work on sites of different size

Maintenance of green areas

Green areas are handled manually or mechanically

Management of run-down areas

Different run-down area management works

Maintenance of power line routes

Vegetation removal and maintenance work on power line routes

Mowing grass near power substations and switchgears

Professional mowing services

Cleaning of gas pipeline routes

Safe cleaning of pipeline routes

Shrub cutting

Manual or mechanical cutting of shrubs

Vegetation removal

Vegetation clearing, mulching and removal works

Equipment rental

Take advantage of equipment rental offers

Tree cutting

Qualified tree cutting services


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